Hybrid Mobile App Development with Ionic and Angular JS

There has been alot going on in the hybrid mobile application development these days. For the starters, by hybrid mobile application development it means to create responsive mobile web app and house them into platform specific containers to run on device. The best outcome for such an mobile application development approach is:

(i) Cross Platform Development, i.e. no need of seperate native(iOS and Android) application development. Its just one code base.
(ii) The developers can whole solely focus on their idea and its design/development than spending time how to handle it for different platform(which ofcourse saves a lot of time and effort.

And I think, developing two different applications(or even learning the different platforms first to create a same product can be time and mind consuming task. This problem gets solved by Hybrid mobile application development

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Technologies Comparision - Developer Survey 2015

Early this April, there was a blog posted to the official Stack Overflow page. Though it was a survey it brings ahead great insight in opportunities and trend for the coming years. Though it gives great insight and reveals great facts, I thought of sharing the few things from its official blog and share it with team too so they can know the trends too. Its always good to keep evaluating the technologies as these days a new technology or programming language is born and gets a huge fan following.

The survey is totally unbiased and Amit and myself did too participate in it personally. Quite interestingly, Javascript and Swift are loved the most and rule the party and so do we did expect as these are our personal favourite too. Objective C and Ruby tops the payscale in Europe and United States and hence that made us love it too ;).

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Slack At Work - Better Team Collaboration

This March, I went ahead and gave a try to Slack as it was rising to popularity so quickly and alot of my peers had been talking about it. To tell you frankly I was simply amazed by the hell of this tool and I am in love with it.

Though Steward Butterfield claims to become lucky in founding Flickr but I feel he's just not lucky but smart too. Slack a second flagship product founded by him combines group messaging, file uploads, and notifications into one tool that syncs across all platforms. This means whatever you do on your iOS, Android, and desktop app or on the Web-based version will be consistent.

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