Amit Gupta

Head of Product, R&D
Beryl Systems

Introduction to mobile hybrid mobile app development with Ionic/AngularJS

There has been alot going on in the hybrid mobile application development these days. For the starters, by hybrid mobile application development it means to create responsive mobile web app and house them into platform specific containers to run on device. The best outcome for such an mobile application development approach is:

(i) Cross Platform Development, i.e. no need of seperate native(iOS and Android) application development. Its just one code base.
(ii) The developers can whole solely focus on their idea and its design/development than spending time how to handle it for different platform(which ofcourse saves a lot of time and effort.

And I think, developing two different applications(or even learning the different platforms first to create a same product can be time and mind consuming task. This problem gets solved by Hybrid mobile application development

Trying to discuss about hybrid mobile application development there are many frameworks which are available such as Phonegap, Kendo UI, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, Appgyver Steriods, etc. But I would like to take ahead and speak only about Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework is the most closest in comparision to Native application development as it falls and follow the same architectural methodology of Model View Anything (MV*) whic is Model-View View Controller. It is the framework which harnesess the beauty of Angular JS for mobile application development.

I started reading more about various hybrid mobile frameworks quite a while ago but I must tell you, programming with ionic is hell alot easier in comparision to its competitors to manage with reusable cordova pluggins and custom html tags to direct the actions written with Angular JS. Its a beautiful combination which makes u focus just on your application interns and provide all sort of tools and utilities to speed up the development. Ionic View(app sharing facility for review on device) is a fantastic utility which makes it seamless to shared developed apps to multiple devices with just a command! Ionic resource(documentation, showcase) is also very rich and makes it easy to learn and quickly grasp the concept of using the framework.

Hats off! to Ionic Framework team for progressing with it and to my experice, has the power of overturning the Native application development.