Amit Gupta

Head of Product, R&D
Beryl Systems

Slack At Work - Beautiful way to collaborate

This March, I went ahead and gave a try to Slack as it was rising to popularity so quickly and a lot of my peers had been talking somuch about it. And to tell you the verdict I was simply amazed by the hell of this tool and I am in love with it.

Though Steward Butterfield claims to become lucky in founding Flickr but he's just not lucky but smart too. Slack a second flagship product founded by him combines group messaging, file uploads, and notifications into one tool that syncs across all platforms. This means whatever you do on your iOS, Android, and desktop app or on the Web-based version will be consistent. Excellent sync between all.

It was effortlessly easy to setup and only took few minutes to explain its features to team. Within a couple of days eightly percent emails were already gone with our knowledge and communication more efficient than previous. The best part of this tool are its engagement and integrations. Slack's hundereds of integrations are so powerful that it binds everything at one place under one roof readily accessible.

In my previous organization I had my stint with such model of team collaboration based over Skype. And it was again a time savvy medium of communication as no one use to have time for reading and composing lengthly emails. So getting back to emails was bad and my stint with Slack started on this note of having similar tool which could even solve the pitfalls with Skype. I am glad we use Slack as team collaboration medium at Beryl Systems and save a lot of time.