Vinay Mehta

Founder and Managing Director Beryl Systems

Technologies Comparision - Developer Survey 2015 By Stack Overflow

Early this April, there was a blog posted to the official Stack Overflow page. Though it was a survey it brings ahead great insight in opportunities and trend for the coming years. Though it gives great insight and reveals great facts, I thought of sharing the few things from its official blog and share it with team too so they can know the trends too. Its always good to keep evaluating the technologies as these days a new technology or programming language is born and gets a huge fan following.

The survey is totally unbiased and Amit and myself did too participate in it personally. Quite interestingly, Javascript and Swift are loved the most and rule the party and so do we did expect as these are our personal favourite too. Objective C and Ruby tops the payscale in Europe and United States and hence that made us love it too ;).

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