Search engine optimization

To win at semantic search you need more people than are on your payroll.

Search Engine Optimization is by far the most important marketing investment you’ll ever make. It is undoubtedly THE most effective tool for inbound marketing. Not only does it give your brand visibility online, but it can do wonders to your brand’s credibility as well. It brings right traffic to your website: provided, of course, that you choose your keywords wisely. SEO is successful only when it’s done right. It is extremely process driven and time consuming with results trickling in only over a period of 3-6 months. But, it is SO worth it!

Social media marketing

Increase your business and deliver real time profits through social media campaigns.

Today, most organizations understand the enormous influence of social media and its role in marketing. Setting up a page and using it to promote existing content has, more or less, become ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ in most marketing campaigns. And to be fair, it can be incredibly effective in many cases. The real challenges of running a successful social media campaign are different. The first challenge is to do with understanding your audience and ensuring that your message resonates with them. Second is the ability to sustain interest over a period of time.

Email marketing

If you are trying to talk to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

With so much noise and competition in our inboxes, successful email marketing today requires a personalized and focused approach. You cannot send one message to the masses and hope that it resonates with someone, somewhere. Effective approach to email marketing is to ensure that every message feels like a one-to-one conversation, crafted with intention to a specific individual. This is achieved by segmenting your target market and identifying those prospects who are most likely to buy, or ready to buy, the targeted product or service. This approach results in industry-leading email open rates and consistent, meaningful opportunities for sales team.


Pay per click was just the beginning; the real evolution is pay per action.

Paid search campaigns can be extremely effective for companies with a focused approach to their sales and marketing. When you invest valuable dollars in a PPC campaign, you want every click to count for your business. This requires a clearly defined target demographic and a precise knowledge of those terms and queries relevant to your customer journey. A targeted approach to PPC management will build smart, focused campaigns using engaging ad copy and keywords highly relevant to your sales goals. While campaigns are running, team closely monitor the results, making any needed optimizations to achieve an ROI for your business.

Video marketing

Marketing is no longer about your product/service, but about the stories you tell.

Visual storytelling is ideally the best way to get attention for your brand and to make a lasting impression. You’ve perhaps have some ideas, a thought or a concept, or perhaps just a vague theory, of the type of video you want to create. Ideas are converted into mind-blowing and effective video productions that really validate what you, your company or your brand is all about. It enhances your overall sales and marketing efforts by humanizing your team, showcasing your products or services, and strengthening your brand. For example, manufacturers can demo products, and service industry professionals can provide testimonials.

Online reputation management

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.

Do you need an online makeover? Marketing authorities’ team who apply forward-thinking marketing systems, to assist clients mature into an extremely influential, dominant online presence. They know how to nurture constructive associations between client and patron, the team works with meticulousness to guarantee that the business owner's public image is greatly positive. Moreover, passion is about utilizing internet sectors like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to expand brands visibility and optimize familiarity. Needless to say, clients create a strong online presence that renders into desired conversion rates.