Ruby on Rails and IOS solution delivery

Beryl Systems offers a range of custom application development services to international and local clients. We understand that developing your next application is not just about programming but about creating value for your business. Therefore we offer a unique approach to collaboration with our clients.

Understanding your goals has first priority

Communicating requirements for a software application is a very difficult task and during the development many decisions have to be made that ultimately impact the overall outcome of a development project. That’s why we aim to understand your overall business goals and what you are aiming to achieve with your application. Once we understand your business goals, we can make better decisions when developing your application.

Prototyping to capture requirements

We offer to start a custom development project by creating prototypes of your future application. We use state-of-the-art prototyping tools to create the user interface of your application in order to capture all your requirements and to ensure that what the developers implement is indeed what you need.

Prototyping tools allow us to create a mockup of your application in an very short time but still allow us give you and your users a first impression what the application will look like.

Agile development to incrementally deliver software

Once we have defined the outline of your application using prototypes and mockups we will start implementing your application. When we do this we follow agile development methods where our clients can decide which features should be implemented in each iteration. We will give you an update every day about the progress of the implementation. At the end of each iteration you will be able to use the application and decide the next steps based on the state of the application.

This way we ensure that you can continuously evaluate the application and will be able to make adjustments before and after each iteration. This constant communication and interaction establishes a mode of work that is the same as with a local development team and ensures that we deliver an application that meets your requirements.

Focus on user experience to ensure acceptance

The success of your application ultimately depends on the user experience that users will have when using your application. If your application is difficult to use, customers will be reluctant to user your services and your employees will waste time working on their tasks.

Our team of developers and designers will help you identify areas in your application that have could be improved to create a remarkable user experience.