We build useful and elegant software solutions Designed to conquer and grow


To pioneer and keep delivering in the multifacet multi billion dollar technology industry. Build high quality software product solutions and contribute to human race. Vision is to keep developing in a constant manner and lead in providing innovative software for the competitive global marketplace. Passionate to anyhow add value to our products and software development clients.


Prime objective is to provide all what we have with us. Working extensively on Web and Mobile technologies such as IOS, Android, Ruby and Rails as the primary platform, follow design or do the test driven development for driving rapid software applications delivery without compromising any quality standards.

Why it should be us ?

Experts with us : Ownership

Fortunately from pool of dynamic, young and talented engineers; glad to be blessed with experts who know the best and optimized ways doing things. They guide the clients even through the most complex problems with utter ease effectively. We take the ownership of projects we do which inturns takes the weight off clients shoulders and leaves them delighted with the results.

It's +delta: innovative in approach

Expect a lot of cross technology comparisions from us. Its our duty to spread awareness and guide our clients to choose the best technology solution for their product and solutions. Its a very unique integration between our developers/engagement managers and clients which everyone loves about us.

Well the basics : OTQ delivery

Not forgetting the basics, delivery on time and quality is always a rule of thumb. Setup loose/strict agile in case of constant change of requirements. Expect aggresive quality churns, nothing goes out of the premises escaping our competant quality experts eyes.

Engaged: Owl eyes Bat ears

Thats true, reach us anytime and we are all ears and eyes. Communication is the key which solve a lot of problems and we believe and practice to its most. Expect quick and constant communication to your queries and inputs because those are important.