Trademarks411 allows companies and brands to file their trademarks with Federal Government.

Trademarks protect brand names, slogans and logos so competitors nor thieves can use your trademark in commerce without your consent.
Trademark411 provides one stop portal for all your trademark filling process, The automated process is simple and user friendly as all the hard work is done by application to ensure successful filling of intellectual property and it keeps informed its clients at every step of filling.

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LOCATION Santa Barbara, CA



  • To create a self-service automated portal where trademark names, slogans, logos can be filed.
  • To protect users most valuable trademark names, slogans and logos using Trademarks411.
  • To ensure users to check the status of their fillings via self-service portal.
  • To manage fillings in one account.

Our Solutions

  • A gorgeously simple user interface
  • Enables users to perform federal trademark searches on the go
  • View and check the status of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office trademarks with Trademark Alert® notifications
  • File and apply for a new federal trademark registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • Manage filings in one account center
  • Electronically sign a trademark application
  • Start a new trademark application and your data is automatically saved for later
  • Directly connected to the proprietary Trademarks411 AutoPilot® Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and much more

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